A Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Loft Ladders

A Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Loft Ladders

A Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Loft Ladders

Loft ladders are everywhere. As more people transform attics into storage spaces or additional rooms for a growing family, more people than ever need them. There are many types to choose from and there different ways to go about acquiring the one that is best.

For instance, you can easily find an inexpensive but useful model at a home goods shop. You can also find a fancy model online from a top maker of loft ladders and other accessories.

This guide will help explain what the options are, how to choose the one right for your needs and what other buyers have had to say about various loft ladders. Their primary purpose is to provide easy and safe access to an upper level of the home.

Besides doing loft or attic conversions, many people in the UK are opting for dormer conversions which are those vertical rooms that sit on a sloped roof. These also are perfect candidates for loft ladders.

What Options Are Available

The most common ladder options are either wooden loft ladders or aluminium ones. Their styles and features go way beyond their material. Many products come fully pre-assembled while others do not require assembly at all. They all involve a degree of installation but there is a range of products that start with DIY installation ready to those that are best left to a professional.

There are ladders made for hatches which can come with spring hinges and there are those that are made with a hinge and bracket design to make the ladder easier to move in and out of a loft. Some ladders are made to roll so that they can be transported where needed in a moment. Other loft ladders are made to fit through ceiling hatches permanently.

Some models come with handrails to make climbing them safer.If you have a loft stair that is steep or that turns, you can find that there are staircase configured loft ladders. These are ideal for saving space and are constructed in a spiral design.

Some people prefer to stay away from the metal ladders only because they are noisier than their wooden counterparts. Some manufacturers make the same model in both wood or metal to allow buyers to choose whichever type they prefer more. After all, some ladders may look aesthetically pleasing but if they are going to squeak or make noise that may wake up the children or other noise-sensitive family members quieter, models may sound – and seem – more aesthetically pleasing right from the start.

There are ladders called concertinas that compress into small sizes and can be stored in the hatch area. These work for small spaces. They will not compromise any of the space in an attic which is something to consider if the attic is being used for storage.

If you are like some people, you may worry about opening or extending a loft ladder. What if it were to come falling down on you? Could your fingers get trapped and pinched in the ladder as you unfold it? Fortunately, these concerns are eliminated with the way most all quality ladders are made today.

If these do concern you enough, consider getting an electrical loft ladder. They are made with superior safety features and you can get into our out of your loft space without any worries. Note that they usually come with a manual override feature. This means that you can use them even if the power fails.

Choosing the Right Loft Ladder for Your Needs

Firstly, consider how much space you have as well as who will be using the ladder. You will also want to consider the aesthetics that you want from it. Think about your property and how it is configured, too. Of course, you must also think about your budget.

Whether you are getting a full conversion done or you just want to add more storage space, you will want to consider the points of size and material. The item must be the right length and size to fit into a hatch and to reach down to a comfortable level where the user can stand on it and climb it. Take accurate measurements but do not forget to consider any specific items you will be bringing up or down the ladder.

For example, are you going to access and store boxes in your attic? Or, will you simply need to climb up and access your new, and much more private home office space? The purpose of the loft will dictate much in terms of the size of the ladder and the material of the ladder that is right for your needs.

As mentioned, these products typically come in two different materials — wood or metal. They can also be made to operate manually or electrically, so if you choose a more expensive electrical option, expect to have more metal and plastic details to it. An interesting thing to note, when considering who will be using it is that lighter loft ladders are often more expensive than heavier or wooden ones.

The decision whether wood or metal is more appealing visually is yours. Some people find that metal is more modern and gives off a more artistic feel. Other people feel the complete opposite. They feel that wood has more appeal because of the grain variation and colour variation. Whichever style appeals to you more, know that there is a size or material that will work to bring you the style you are after. In addition to this, they are safe and easy to operate.

What Others Have to Say

Obviously, using the Internet for help in selecting your new ladder will be invaluable. There are many discussion forums where people like you discuss, in detail, every aspect of buying, installing and owning a loft ladder.

One of the biggest discussions surrounds installing it yourself or getting the help of local professionals. There are plenty of videos available online that can help you learn how to install one on your own safely. Many people discuss the cost of hiring professional help and have mentioned that for the work that is done the price for installation is not prohibitive.

The more complex the ladder is, the more likely you will want help. For example, any permanent ladder that fits through a hatch takes extra care when being installed. You can do it perhaps with the help of a friend and with the help of the installation instructions that come with your new ladder.

One suggestion is that if you are going to install it yourself, board the loft before you do the ladder. Since it does not cost much to have the ladder installed, phone around and get estimates for professional installation just in case you find that you do need an extra hand after doing the boarding work yourself.

Choosing to do it yourself or to hire an expert is a personal one. You may need to get help with hatch openings. This installation process is trickier and you must make sure the hatch is wide enough and that your ladder has enough clearance in the room to open and retract.

This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to do yourself. There are tricks for instances where you might have miscalculated the length of the ladder. You can fix the issue relatively quickly by adjusting one of the lower ladder hinges.

The best advice might be that if you are choosing a more sophisticated style of ladder, an electrical one or one with more features on it that comes with a slightly high price tag, you may want to go for the professional installation just to be certain it gets installed without any problems.

Find Your Perfect Ladder Online

There are so many ways to find beautiful wooden or aluminum ladders online. You do not even need to bother visiting your home improvement shop. You can spend more time searching from among the many options and styles available from online loft ladder dealers.

Once you get around the logistics of the item, you will want to take your time choosing a ladder that reflects your personal style and taste. You will find that there are so many styles to see online that you will indeed need to take time to choose the perfect ladder for your new attic, bedroom, gym or whatever your new space will be used for.

Make sure to double check user reviews about the makes of ladders available. Find ones that have been rated well not just for style but for safety. If you are in need of a ladder for a child’s room, you will want to see what other mums have had to say about various products on the market before you buy them.

Adding a new attic or loft to your home is exciting. It adds value to your overall home and it gives the home a whole new feeling and a great deal more of needed space. This guide should be a bit of a help in getting started in purchasing your new ladder.

If you have ideas of the style you want, start with that and then measure the area carefully. Check online reviews left by other consumers and find a manufacturer with a solid reputation. Then, see if they have the style of ladder you really want. There is certainly a way to get everything you want and need when you make your loft ladder buying decision. It does take a little research but that will be well worthwhile in the end.

There are websites that contain their recommendations for the top products of the year. These are worth taking a look at as well. At least you can get yourself pointed in the direction of the types and makes of ladders that are getting high marks and start shopping with a greater deal of confidence.

There are plenty of high-quality loft ladder manufacturers ready to ship the item of your dreams straight to your door. All of them are built with style in mind together with function and safety. Many items also come with warranties. Be certain to check those as well before making a final choice.

Make your home renovation turn out better than you expected by carefully choosing your loft ladder. This is an exciting but essential detail for your new loft conversion. Make certain that you enjoy the process so that you will enjoy your loft ladder for many years to come.

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