Do I need Planning Permission for Work on My Home?

Do I need Planning Permission for Work on My Home?

Do I need Planning Permission for Work on My Home?

There are huge numbers of people in the world who want to setup their own business. Such people did not able to find out better work place for starting their work or business. In this case, they thought that they can work from home. They are starting a business from home and want to know that is there are legal laws for taking permission to work from home. There would be any restrictions for starting business from home and how to avoid all such restrictions and how you can get enough benefit from the business which you are running from home. People also want to know that when they start business from home, will they pay tax for business property or for home property and know about for getting a pro builder.

There is no need for taking planning permission for working from home. But, we have many questions regarding business and if answer of such questions is “yes”, then you have to take permission for planning running business from home.

Questions which you have to answer are here:

  • Will you not use your home as residential property in future?
  • Will your home running business have risen in traffic or calling people again and again?
  • Will your business have involvement of activities which are not legal in residential area?
  • The business which you want to start has negative impacts on environment as well as neighbors in the form of pollution, smells and noise?

Either you are using single room for business purpose or using complete home for business, you have to take permission if the answers of above given questions are “yes”. Still, as per your thought and knowledge you can also try to getting a pro builder and he will tell you that what things are required for planning a work from home. Getting a builder’s help will help you a lot in all aspects so that you can start your business from home. Still, you do not want to take permission from legal authorities and stared your business. Your business will have to face legal problems.

Legal authorities will have rights to fine you that how you have started your business without taking permission and restore your property till case continues. If you thinking that your business does not require any kind of permission for starting it from home and residential area, you should have to get written confirmation from legal authorities for all things so that you can concentrate on your business with having peace of mind. this written confirmation will also helpful for you when you want to sell your home and you can show that you have evidence to start business from home.

Two types of services are provided for customers who want to start their work from home. Those two services are permitted development enquiry and lawful development certificate. You should have both things in written form when you have started work from home. You have to apply for taking permission which is very first step for your business.


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