Is Building a Home in our garden family home viable

Is Building a Home in our garden family home viable


A life is punctuated with projects of all kinds. Among these is often the construction of a family home. Want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city? Your family is growing? Do you aspire to a serene and pleasant environment? Before you start, take some time to think about some important things. In this article, you will discover already some tips to get you off to a good start.


Your family home: a question of ground

Every construction project starts with the choice of a lot. In this regard, it is essential to determine your needs and aspirations for mobility and space. You want a large garden where your children can have fun for hours? The countryside is full of hospitable places to build your new nest. Be careful in mediators couples separating, however, not to isolate yourself. Are your children registered for various extra-curricular activities?


The proximity of public transport or major roads is essential. For example, residential neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city are a good compromise to enjoy the appeasement of a green setting and the accessibility of urban areas.


Of course, also choose a region close to your place of work and the school of your children. The time saved in trips can be reinvested in the family sphere, for the greatest happiness of all. Also, do not stay too close to your respective families. Useful for strengthening links with ease. Finally, the presence of services and buildings such as a hospital is not negligible.


A little imagination…

Family house when visiting the field, do not hurry. This surface that will host your home will also become your garden and will be born your most beautiful memories. It is therefore essential to feel good about it. Imagine all the good times you spend with your family: the first meals on the terrace in the spring, hide and seek in the summer, games in the autumn leaves and the snowballs in the winter.


Observe also the surroundings. How far do the neighbors live? Is it enough for your family life not to disturb theirs and vice versa? If one of your family members plays an instrument, he or she will be particularly happy to be able to repeat their lessons without disturbing those around them.


Custom plans

All families are unique. The dynamics and composition of your household are of paramount importance when drawing plans. The professionals are of course at your disposal to help you in the design of your home, but no one knows your tribe better than yourself. Would you like to access the garden from all the rooms? Go for the walk. Do you prefer to separate the living spaces of parents and children? Then divide the rooms into several floors.


To guarantee a good understanding between brothers and sisters, nothing beats separate rooms. By assigning a room to each child, you will allow them to build their identity and set their preferences. The attic that can be converted offers an excellent solution to deal with any future changes. Similarly, a sufficiently large garage can be converted into an annex thereafter.


All tastes are in nature

Designer homes amaze, but are they really practical for a family life? When decorating your home, choose a style that suits you and where you feel good. The essential thing is not to dazzle your guests but to create a house that fits perfectly into its environment and facilitates community life.


And the expectations are not disappointed: crossing the threshold of the house, after having passed the 4 m² of the entrance, it is a large living room of 38 m² which welcomes the visitor. Two windows to the east on the plan, two sliding windows opening on the garden to the north: the room is bright.


Its articulation in L makes it possible to organize the space in multiple ways, by considering it for example in one piece or, on the contrary, by splitting it, so as to clear several universes within it. The covered terrace, where meals are taken outside in the summer sheltered from the sun or passing grain, is accessible from the living room of course, but also from the office of 9 m² and from bedroom 1 of 12 m², adjoining the bathroom. Bedroom 2, slightly smaller, and the kitchen of 10 m² each have a window.


The cellar of 6 m² and the laundry room of 7 m² communicate, the latter even having its entrance reserved: no need to cross the house to store the victuals brought back from the market!


For parties with friends by the fire, we chose to integrate a fireplace to enhance the stay.


A dining area enjoying the warmth of the home and the view of the garden, a small boudoir a little back to discuss or read, and a corner sofa chaise to enjoy a comfortable movie: the living room meets all the desires.


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